10 Reasons why you should attend a Quinceañera Expo

Quinceañera expos are a collaboration of wedding and quinceañera vendors, usually held in a conference center, where each vendor has a booth space (or a few booths) in which they showcase their offerings. Companies like dress designers, bakeries, decorators, photographers, videographers, limosines and florists will bring dresses, cake samples, albums and floral arrangements that you can look at and try. Although it can be somewhat overwhelming with lots of people and many things to see, it is a great way to compare vendors and get to touch and feel the products they offer. Below are the top ten reasons you should mark your calendar for the next expo in your area and plan to attend.

1. DISCOUNTS. Many vendors offer special discounts available only at the expo. Ask each vendor if they are offering something specific for the expo. Many times you will find specials you can’t find anywhere else.

2. PRIZES. Along the same lines, the expo itself will have contests and prizes that you can’t get at other times. There may be door prizes for coupons to use with different vendor. Some expos will have actual prizes you can win. Some examples of prizes you can possibly win are dresses, cakes, photo sessions, or even a collaboration of different prizes that can be combined to make up a complete quinceañera.

3. DECOR. Both venues and independent decorators will be at the expo and will likely have full table settings with complete decor. The booths will be decorated beautifully and you can get many ideas for your own quince decor by looking at the setups.

4. ENTERTAINMENT. You can watch dancers and cadets in action on stage. Whether or not you decide to hire professional entertainment is completely your choice, but what better way to make a decision than to view the dancing in person.

5. FOOD AND CAKE. Catering and cake vendors will have samples. Take advantage of the samples to determine whether the vendors have the flavors you want and whether they do a good job. You can see for yourself if the food is good quality or if the cake is moist and delicious.

6. FASHION. The dress companies will put on a fashion show featuring the lastest designs in their collections. You will be able to enjoy the show and see the dresses and how they look and move and how they coordinate with other accessories like crowns and bouquets. It will be a great way to make a decision for your dress if you haven’t already.

7. MUSIC. Here’s something you may not know: the emcee for the expo is usually an independent DJ that you can hire for your event. If you like the way they direct the show, you may really enjoy having them emcee your event. Most DJs can get their hands on any type of music genre, so make sure you inquire to see if they can service your event.

8. PHOTOGRAPHY. This is one of the most visual categories and one that you should pay special attention to. You will be able to see the photographs and albums that are offered by the studio. Look to see if the samples reflect the kind of style you wish to see in your own photographs.

9. MODELING. Some expos will have a booth that is looking for models and contestants for runway/dress models and pageants. Some booths are looking for dress models for the dress companies and some will be contests for magazine covers and still others may be independent beauty contests. Each one is different, so you will need inform yourself about the rules and requirements for each one.

10. PERSONALITY. This may be something you overlook, but when you are shopping for vendors for your event, you should really be looking to hire vendors who’s personality will blend well with your own. When you click with someone, it makes collaboration that much easier. At the expo, you will get to “interview” a whole lot of vendors all under one roof. You will know right away if you will make a good match.

Article by Linda Guerra

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