Cadets for Quinceanera Parties

Cadets for Quinceanera Parties in Dallas TX

One of the preparations for the fifteen-year-old birthday is the selection of the chambelanes or cadets that will accompany the Quinceañera and provide a guard of honor as she starts her dance at her Quinceaños celebration in Dallas TX.

Where did this tradition start?

In the XIX century, there were several armed conflicts and the young men use to enlist in the military service. They were not only dedicated in their military duties but also gave themselves time to court young ladies. This way it was frequent that they were invited to the ceremonies for the fifteen-year-old where they would sing and dance waltzes so that they could socialize with these young girls. This is where the tradition of “cadets or escorts” that accompany the young girls during their celebration comes.

How many Chambelanes or Cadets should a Quinceañera have?

The traditional number of Chambelanes or Cadets should be fifteen as is the number of years of the birthday girl. She should pick them among her friends, schoolmates and relatives, but she can also contract out a group of young men.

Once the birthday girl has danced the waltz with her father and some immediate relatives, it is the turn of the Chambelanes.

Every chambelán or cadet that dances with the quinceañera, should present her with a red rose which symbolizes each one of the years she has now.

How should the chambelán or cadet dress?

All the Chambelanes or Cadets at your event in Dallas TX, should look impeccable to rise to the occasion and dress the same, be it wearing elegant smoking with cumber band or a different color vest than their suit. They can also dress in a tuxedo or with their military uniform.

There are a number of specialty stores in Dallas and Fort Worth TX of formal attire for men that have a variety of this type of clothing and usually these get rented out, but they also can be purchased.

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