Hiring Quinceanera Chambelanes & Cadets

Hiring quinceanera chambelanes & Cadets in Dallas TX. 15events.com

When the Quinceanera party kicks off it requires seven Chambelanes and seven Damas. The Damas are the group that kicks off the party with a traditional dance, whereas the chamberlains are there to assist them. Along with the group the Quinceañera being honored is suppose to pick one main Chambelan, that is chosen by the Quinceañera herself. Over the years the tradition has been followed perfectly. As at times the Quinceañera honored is presented by the Damas and at other events, the Chamberlains accompany the Quinceañera to the party. Either way, the Quinceañera honored gets the grand entrance she deserves and helps make a stand. Along with the presentation, the main Chambelan is supposed to pose with the Quinceañera during the photo session. 15Events is here to help you in the process of hiring Quinceanera Chambelanes & Cadets in Dallas and surrounding cities.

The term Chambelan comes from the French term, and it is referred to the nobleman that accompanies the Quinceañera. Which is why the Quinceañera Chamberlain is the second most important guest of the day. As their main duty is to escort the Quinceañera and ensure that she is having the time of her life.

However, your Chambelans must be well prepared for the event, which includes practicing for the event. Which is why they need professional Chambelanes that can help ensure a synchronized dance. Their main duty is to:

The Chamelances are supposed to dance with the Quinceañera and stand by her side religious ceremony.

  • Pick the outfit the Quinceañera has picked, that matches up to the theme of the party.
  • Accompany the Quinceañera when she is making her rounds to meet and greet the guests.
  • Waltz perfectly with the Quinceañera, and guide her through.
  • Write a speech for Quinceañera, and honor her in the best possible way.
  • Stay by the Quinceañeras side as the event unfolds.

To help ensure that everything is set perfectly, we are offering you the best Quinceañera cadets & Chambelanes, dance teams and quinceanera performers in Dallas.

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Picture: Alex Estrada. Elegante Ballroom

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